About the Workshop

Medicine and Its Objects is an interdisciplinary workshop exploring medicine and the objects that become salient within its extended social reach. Our goal is to engage therapeutic, bodily, and ontological matters across disciplines bringing the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences together in new dialogues.

Topics we look forward to engaging over the next year include:

  • relations of psychiatry & neuroscience
  • botanical & zoological things in knowledge formations
  • perception, semiotics & the senses
  • meditation, asceticism & bodily transformations
  • trauma, violence & memory
  • ecological & environmental medicines
  • humanitarian systems as they relate to medicine & the body’s needs
  • scientific & legal approaches to medicine & medical ethics
  • institutional work of health care
  • micro-management of populations


Schedule: Alternating Wednesdays, 4:30pm – 6pm, Rosenwald Room 329 (unless otherwise noted)

Coordinator: Camille Roussel (CHD)

Faculty Sponsors: Eugene Raikhel (CHD), Michael Rossi (History), and Sean Brotherton (Anthropology)

Mailing List: To sign up for our mailing list and receive updates on forthcoming meetings, enter your email address here.

For more information about the workshop, or if you need assistance in order to attend, please contact the graduate student coordinator Camille Roussel (roussel@uchicago.edu)

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