Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will take place in CWAC 152 at 12:00-1:30 PM

OCTOBER 6 — Lucy Pick (Senior Lecturer in the History of Christianity and Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Faculty in History), “Don’t You Forget About Me: Memory, Gift and Death in the Early Spanish Kingdoms”

OCTOBER 20 — Sam Baudinette (PhD Student, History of Christianity) “Tetragrammatic Translation: Maimonidean Arguments about the Divine Names in the Christian Hebraism of Ramon Martí and Meister Eckhart”

OCTOBER 30 — co-sponsored event with the Early Modern and Mediterranean Workshop, Boccaccio’s Painters. Panelists include Albert Russell Ascoli (Italian, UC Berkeley) and Justin Steinberg (RLL, UChicago). This event takes place from 5:00-6:30 pm in Rosenwald 405.

NOVEMBER 3 — Lisa Scott (PhD Candidate, History) “‘The Lords, Knights, and Cities’: The Estates and Assembly in their Institutional Context”

NOVEMBER 17 — David Orsbon (PhD Candidate, Classics and Comparative Literature), tentative title “Bernard Silvestris, Integumentum, and the Person of Natura”

DECEMBER 1 — Thomas Burman (Professor and Robert M. Conway Director, Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame). Co-sponsored by the Early Modern and Mediterranean Workshop.

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