Spring Quarter 2017


APRIL 21 –  Karin Krause, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Theology and Visual Culture, “Celebrating Orthodoxy: Miniatures for Gregory the Theologian’s “Unread” Orations (MS Basiliensis AN I 8)”

APRIL 28 – Frank Rexroth, Professor of Medieval Intellectual History, University of Göttingen / Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) “The school of Peter Abelard and the boundaries of scholarly communication in the twelfth century” (Main Sponsor – History Dept.)

MAY 5 – Claire Jones, Assistant Professor of German, Notre Dame University, “Iron Maiden: Mary in the Chronicles of the Baltic Crusade”

MAY 19 – David Orsbon, PhD Candidate in Classics and Comparative Literature, “Nuda Natura”

JUNE 2 – Matthew Vanderpoel, PhD Candidate in History of Christianity, “In a Manner of Speaking: Scholasticism, Humanism, and Language at the University of Paris”

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