Western Mediterranean Workshop: Justin Steinberg, Oct. 27

Please join the Western Mediterranean Workshop for its next

meeting on Wednesday, October 27th, at 12:00pm in Wieboldt


Professor Justin Steinberg (Romance Languages Department,

University of Chicago) will be presenting a paper titled,

“Dante’s Writ of Safe Passage through Hell.””

The paper, to be read in advance, will be distributed to the

Western Mediterranean listserve. To be added to the listserve,

please subscribe at:



The paper is also available on the Western Mediterranean

Workshop’s blog at

http://cas.uchicago.edu/workshops/westmedcult/ or by request

from the workshop coordinator. Please email Erika Tanacs

(etanacs@uchicago.edu) for a copy.

The workshop discussion will focus on the first 30 pages of

the paper, but we would like to encourage everyone to read the

whole paper.

Persons needing assistance in order to attend this event,

please contact Erika Tanacs (etanacs@uchicago.edu).

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