Winter Quarter 2017


JANUARY 13 – Alexandra Hoffmann, PhD Student in NELC, “From cat to faithful greyhound: A comparative look at the Persian Sindbad-nama and the European Seven Sages tradition.”

JANUARY 27– Felix Szabo, PhD Student in History, “Servants of the Lord: Eunuchs in Middle Byzantine Christianity (843-1204 CE).”

FEBRUARY 8, 4:30 –  Dörthe Führer, Assistant and lecturer, University of Zürich, “Geoffrey of Vitry’s Commentary on the Medieval Alexander Epic (Alexandreis)” in JRL207 (Co-sponsored with the Workshop on Late Antiquity and Byzantium)

FEBRUARY 10 – Daisy Delogu, Professor of French, Chair of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, “Case Pending: Suspension of/and Judgement in Alain Chartier’s Livre de l’Espérance”

FEBRUARY 24 – Mark Lambert, PhD Student in Theology, “The Disappearing Leper and the Clandestine Christ: Examining a Theological Topos in Bonaventure’s Life of Saint Francis”

MARCH 8 – Marisa Galvez, Associate Professor of French and German Studies, Stanford University, Title TBD

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