Fall Quarter 2016


OCTOBER 6 – Francis Oakley, “”Kingship: The Politics of Enchantment” (CO-SPONSORED with Lumen Christi), Classics 110

OCTOBER 7 – Luke Fidler, “Inscribing the World at Hexham,” CWAC 152

OCTOBER 21 – Damian Fleming (Indiana University, Fort Wayne), Title TBD, CWAC 152

NOVEMBER 4 – Mohamad Ballan, “Sayf al-Dawla ibn Hud (d. 1146): An Andalusi Muslim Prince in the Service of King Alfonso VII of Castile-León,” WB 207

NOVEMBER 15 – Julian Führer, (University of Zurich), “Phantoms of literacy: communication through letters and charters in the early middle ages (6th-8th centuries)” (CO-SPONSORED with Late Antiquity & Byzantium Workshop)

NOVEMBER 18 – Alexis Becker, Title TBD, WB 207

DECEMBER 2 – Dan Yingst , “Creation the Mirror, Creation the Engine,” WB 207

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