October 21 Shi'ism workshop: Nahj al-balagha

Shi’ism Discussion Group: Thursday, 10/21, 12:00 pm noon-1:30

This Thursday, October 21, from 12:00 p.m. noon until 1:30 in Pick Hall Room 218, the Shi’ism Discussion Group will be hosting the following presentation by Tahera Qutbuddin, Associate Professor of Arabic Literature in Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations here at The University of Chicago:

The Nahj al-balagha (Path of Eloquence) of Imam Ali

“The Nahj al-balagha (Path of Eloquence) is a 4th century collection of orations,epistles, and wise words attributed to the first Shi’a Imam and the fourth Sunni caliph Ali b. Abi Talib. Universally acclaimed as a masterpiece of Arabic literature, it has enjoyed unprecedented currency through the centuries. For the Shi’a in particular, the Nahj al-balagha has a status second only to the Qur’an and the prophetic hadith. My presentation of the Nahj al-balagha will include remarks on several of its key aspects: significance, provenance, contents, style, commentaries, and influence.”

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