February 11: Sean Anthony

The Shi’ism Discussion Group is excited to host the following event on:


Friday, February 11 4:00 PM Pick Hall, Room 218

“Sectarianism and the Anxieties of Influence in Early Islam: Ibn Saba’ and the ‘Jewish’ Origins of Shi’ism”

Sean Anthony

Assistant Professor of Islamic History, University of Oregon
Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago

Dr. Anthony is the author of multiple articles on Islamic history and “The Caliph and the Heretic: Ibn Saba’, the Saba’iyya and the Origins of Shi’ism between Myth and History,” his doctoral dissertation here at the University of Chicago. He has also taught the Arabic language and the Fall Quarter of the Islamic History and Civilization course sequence at the University of Chicago.

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