Upcoming events for the Spring Quarter

Dear friends,

We’re excited to announce the first two weeks of our MEHAT schedule for the Spring Quarter. Mark your calendars! We will provide separate announcements for each individual event.

Thursday, March 31, 12:00–1:30, Pick 218: Catherine Bronson. Paper title TBA. Discussant: Mehmetcan Apkinar.

Friday, April 1, 4:00–5:30, Pick 218: Larisa Jasarevic: “Three lights on Queen’s face: Ethnography of mêlée”. Co-sponsored with the Anthropology of Europe Workshop. Discussant: Noha Forster.

Tuesday, April 5, 12:00–1:30, Pick 218: Andrew Newman: “Old and New Sources/Voices in Twelver Shīʿī History”. Co-sponsored with the Shi’ism Discussion Group.

Thursday, April 7, 12:00–1:30, Pick 218: Shiraz Hajiani. Paper title TBA. Discussant: Kaveh Hemmat.

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