Workshop Schedule – Winter 2016

The Middle East History and Theory Workshop (MEHAT) is pleased to announce our schedule for Winter 2016.

All meetings will be held from 12-1:20pm in Pick 218 unless otherwise noted. Pizza will be served.

Papers will be circulated a week before the workshop meeting via our listserv. If you have any questions, please contact

January 7 – Tolga Cora (NELC)

“Ottomanism in Practice: Armenian Notables and Imperial Reform in the 1860s and 1870s”

Discussant: Dr. Hakan Karateke (NELC)

January 21 – Chelsie May (NELC)

“Intersectionality, Belonging and the Immigration of Arab Jewish Women: Reading Louise Cohen, Shoshana Levy, and Shoshana Almoslino between Iraq and Israel”

Discussant: Kara A. Peruccio (NELC)

February 4 – Atoor Lawandow (Cornell NES)

“‘Alī Āzād Bilgrāmī and the Expression of Affinity to Homeland before “Modernity”

Discussant: Annie Greene (NELC)

February 18 – Ekin Enacar (NELC)

Title TBA

Discussant: Maddy Elfenbein (NELC)

February 25 Dr. Marion Katz (NYU)

March 3 – Aamir Bashir (NELC)

“Early Development of Sunni Fiqh: A Study of Role played by Muhammad b. al-Hasan al-Shaybani (d. 805)”

Discussant: Amir Toft (NELC)

March 8 – “The Provinces Strike Back”

Speakers: Basil Salem (History), Annie Greene (NELC), Tolga Cora (NELC), and Varak Ketsemanian (CMES)


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