Spring 2016 Workshop Schedule

The Middle East History and Theory Workshop (MEHAT) is pleased to announce our schedule for Spring 2016.

All meetings will be held from 12-1:20pm in Pick 218 unless otherwise noted. Pizza will be served.

Papers will be circulated a week before the workshop meeting via our listserv. If you have any questions, please contact mehat.workshop@uchicago.edu.

March 31 – Timothy Gutmann (Divinity)

“Conscripting Tradition: Knowledge, Sovereignty, and Education Reform in Modern Egypt.”

Discussant: Rachel Schine (NELC)

April 14 – Ekin Enacar (NELC)

Political Satire, Cartoons and the Limits of Press Freedom during the First Months of the Young Turk Revolution.

Discussant: Maddy Elfenbein (NELC)

In addition to the scheduled workshop on April 14, MEHAT would like to announce the following event:

Dr. Sara Omar (Georgetown) will be giving a lecture for the Gender & Sexuality in Middle Eastern History Lecture Series on Thursday, April 14 at 4:30 PM in Stuart 101. Please see our Facebook event for more information.

April 28 – Claire Roosien (NELC/History)

“Cotton and Mass Cultural Media in Soviet Uzbekistan, 1917-1941.”

Discussant: Sam Hodgkin (NELC)

May 19 Dr. Eve Troutt Powell (Penn)

Note: Dr. Troutt Powell’s workshop is in conjunction with her lecture for the Gender & Sexuality in Middle Eastern History Lecture Series.

June 2 – Chris Sheklian (Anthropology)

Vakıfs  and the Material Basis of Minority Community in Istanbul”

Discussant: Tolga Cora (NELC)


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