Spring 2018 MEHAT Workshop Schedule

Dear all, 
At last we have finalized the Spring 2018 Middle East History and Theory Workshop (MEHAT) Schedule. Please note that the meeting time for all MEHAT workshops this quarter has changed to Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00 PM at Pick Hall Room 218. The schedule is as follows:
April 18th: Samuel Lasman (Comparative Literature): “Dangerous Authenticity: What It Means to be from the Iranian ‘Otherworld.'” Discussant: Samantha Pellegrino (Islamic Studies, Divinity School)
May 2nd: Kara Peruccio (NELC)  “Bad Romance: Toxic Masculinity and Problematic Relationships in Italian and Turkish Women’s Novels, 1923-1933.” Discussant Claire Roosien (NELC/History).
May 16th: Amir Toft (NELC) “A Gentleman and a Scholar: Profiling an Ottoman Judge in the Late Sixteenth Century” Discussant: Dr. Basil Salem (Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Chicago).
May 30th: Kareem Rosshandler (CMES) “Arab-Israelis and the ‘Right to Culture’: Obstacles and Progress” (Discussant to be determined)
We will also be mixing up the usual food and beverage options! 
Hope to see you all there,
Kyle Wynter-Stoner
2017-2018 MEHAT Workshop Coordinator
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