19th Annual Meeting (2004)

Alidost Numan, Conference Coordinator

Kaveh Hemmat, Conference Coordinator

John E. Woods, Faculty Advisor

Keynote Address
Professor Richard Bulliet, Columbia University

I. State and Reform in the Ottoman Empire, 1808-1909:
Moderator: James Tallon
Emine Evered (University of Arizona)
Financing Modernity: Public Schools during the Reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II (1876-1909)
Mustafa Gocek (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Rethinking Mahmud II: Personification of Power, Modernization, and Secularization
Sabri Ates (New York University)
Revisiting Sectarian Violence in Ottoman Borderlands of 1880’s

II. Historiography of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic
Moderator: Ebru Turan
Suleyman Demirci (Erciyes University)
Demography and History: the Value of the Avarizhane Registers for Demographic Research: a Case Study of the Ottoman Sub-provinces of Konya, Kayseri, Sivas and Bozok, 1620s-1700
Ismail Gundogdu (Middle East Technical University)
Reasoning in History in the Ottoman Historiography: a Special Case of the Tarih-i Gilmani
Aikaterini Dimitradou-Shuster (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
An Author and his Chronicle: Idris Bidlisi’s Hesht Bihisht

III. Cultivating Democracy in the Middle East
Ghada Talhami (Lake Forest College)
The Islamic Version of Checks and Balances in Society
Jerome Braun
– Ethics in an Impersonal Age
– Character, Civil Society, and Prospects for Democracy
– Religion and Family Values, with Relevance for Civil Society in the Middle East
Public discussion, including America’s attempt to produce a democratic society in Iraq

IV. Inter-Communal Relations in the Late Ottoman Empire
Moderator: Kaya Sahin
Roger Deal (University of Utah)
Interpersonal Violence and Interethnic Relations In Fin-De-Siecle Istanbul
Suleyman Demirci (Erciyes University)
Living Together: Muslim and Non-Muslim in the Kadi’s Court in Settling Disputes in the Ottoman Society: a Case Study of Kayseri c. 1750-1904

V. Gender in the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Republic
Moderator: Murat Arsel
Carolyn Goffman (De Paul University)
Proselytizing Democracy: American Missionary Educators and the Gendered Response to the Young Turk Revolution
Hale Yilmaz (University of Utah)
Dressing the Nation’s Citizens: Men’s Clothing Reforms in Early Republican Turkey
Metin Yuksel (University of Chicago)
Women’s Movement in the Ottoman Empire
Susanne Barsoum (University of Chicago)
A Critique of the Literature on the Early Feminist Movement in Egypt

VI. Anthropological Perspectives on Contemporary Turkish Politics
Moderator: Martin Stokes
Kelda Jamison (University of Chicago)
GAP and the Dam-that-Isn’t-Yet: Controversy Surrounding the Ilisu Dam in the Southeastern Anatolian Development Project
Genevra F. Murray (University of Chicago)
From Number to Nation: State and Fertility Practices in Turkey
Jeremy F. Walton (University of Chicago)
Contradictions and Convergences in Coexistence: Islam, Secularism, Political Ideology and Public Practice in Contemporary Turkey
Kabir Tambar (University of Chicago)
Symptoms of the Secular: on the Limits of a Genre of Political Criticism in Turkey

VII. The State and the Public Sphere from the Late Ottoman Empire to Contemporary Turkey
Moderator: A. Holly Shissler
Eylem Akdeniz (Bilkent University)
Intellectual and the Transformation of ‘The Political’: an Analysis of the Metamorphosis of Turkish Intellectual in the Last Two Decades
Etga Ugur (University of Utah)
Political Context and Public Sphere: “Kamusal Alan” Debate in Turkey

VIII. Development, its Conception and Representation in Contemporary Turkey
Moderator: Alidost Numan
Murat Arsel (University of Chicago)
German Espionage or ANZAC Revenge. Environmental Nationalism and Risk Politics in Turkey
Gokhan Ersan (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
Secularism, Islamism and Emblemata: the Visual Discourse of Development in Turkey 1946-2003

IX. Minority Nationalisms
Moderator: Selim Yaqub
Christina Abraham (University of Chicago)
A Critique of Assyrian Nationalism
Alexander Dawoody (Western Michigan University)
The Kurdish Nationalist Movement in Iraq and its Implications
Scott Morrison (Columbia University)
In the Path of the Resurrection: Michel ‘Aflaq’s Arab Nationalism
as Precursor to Islamism in Syria (to be read by Vanessa Degiffis)

X. Identities, Their Formation and Politics in Turkey
Moderator: A. Holly Shissler
Zeynep Guler (University of Istanbul)
Memories of Canakkale (Dardanelles): Formation of the Collective Memory
Saban Kardas (University of Utah and Middle East Technical University)
Turkey, the United States and the War on Iraq: the March 2003 Motion Revisited
Celile Eren Argit
An Approach to Turkish Grammar Books of Ottoman Non-Muslim Instructors

XI. Historiography of Iran in the Middle Period
Moderator: John Perry
Jacob Haar (University of Chicago)
Tarikh-i Qizilbashan and Problems in Safavid History
Mark Luce (University of Chicago)
Tabari in Translation and Two Persian Tafsirs
Patrick Wing (University of Chicago)
A Mongol Tribe And The Experience Of Empire: The Jalayir, 1200-1432

XIII. Andalusia and North Africa in the Middle Period
Moderator: Heather Felton
Travis Bruce (Western Michigan University; Universite de Poitiers)
Legitimacy As a Motivating Factor in the Politics of Eleventh-Century Spain
Mustafa Hashmi (University of Chicago)
Understanding Mamluk Power: a Survey of Political Rule Using Symbolic Interactionism
Marya-Teresa Green-Mercado (University of Chicago)
Morisco Jofores: Apocalyptic Prophecies and the Ottoman-Habsburg Rivalry in Sixteenth-Century Spain

XIV. Classical Arabic Scholarship and Literature
Moderator: Tahera Qutbuddin
Asad Ahmad (Princeton University)
Some Reflections on The Haqiqa-Majaz Dichotomy in Classical and Scholastic Arabic Poetics
Kenneth J. Garden (University of Chicago)
The Structuring Logic of al-Ghazali’s Revival of the Religious Sciences
Raymond K. Farrin (University of California, Berkeley)
Making the Remembrance Dear: al-Khansa’ Elegizes Sakhr

XV. Contemporary Islamic Thought and its Evolution
Moderator: Kenneth J. Garden
Laith Al-Saud (University of Chicago)
Interpretive Methods in Contemporary Muslim Political Thought
Intisar A. Rabb (Princeton University)
When Did “Rights of God” Become the Rights of Society? the Evolution of “Huquq Allah” in Sunni Juristic Discourse
Sevket Yavuz (Onsekiz Mart University; Visiting Researcher at Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
The Deconstruction of the Reproduced Phantasms or “Otherization” Phenomena

XVI. Christians in Classical and Middle Period Islamic Lands
Moderator: Frederick Donner
Saud S. Al-Zaid (Georgetown University)
The Apocalyptic Frontier: Tarsus and the End of the World
Nancy Abdel Khalek (Princeton University)
Monks’ Towers and the Destruction of the Church of John the Baptist: an Incident in the Topographical History of Byzantine and Early Islamic Damascus
Kurt Werthmuller (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Accomplishments and Challenges in the Historiography of Medieval Egyptian Christianity

XVII. Islamism in a Global Context and Islamic Practice
Moderator: Noha Forster
Shadi Hamid (Georetown University)
Self-Appointed Censors: Islamists and the Erosion of Free Speech
Ramazan Kilinc and Neslihan Cevik (Arizona State University)
Engagements Between Islam and the West: Globalization and the Idea of “The West” in Islam
Bek-Myrza Tokotegin (Bogazici University)
A Rise of Political Islam in Central Asia: the Batken Case in the Light of September 11

XVIII. Society and Culture in the Modern Arab World
Moderator: Kaveh Hemmat
Will Hanley (Princeton University)
American Automobile Accidents in Alexandria, 1914-35
Etty Terem (Harvard University)
Al-Nawazil al-Jadida al-Kubra of al-Mahdi al-Wazzani: Ahbas Endowments and Family Behavior
Zareena Grewal (University of Michigan)
Tradition As a Trans/Formation of Historical Anthropology
Montserrat Rabadan-Carrascossa (University of Chicago)
Rai Music in the Era of Globalization: New Forms and Meanings

XIX. Palestine: Identity and Conflict in Modern Times.
Moderator: Montserrat Rabadan-Carrascosa
Lori Allen (University of Chicago)
Martyr Funerals in the Palestinian Intifada
Keren Querfurth
The Search For Identity Within the Bauhaus Architecture of Mandate Palestine
Basel A. Saleh (Kansas State University) and Sean L. Yom (Harvard University)
Palestinian Violence and the Second Intifada: Explaining Suicidal Attacks

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