Interested in joining the lab? Contact me with inquiries and send me some information on your background and interests, and how these connect to our general interests. People in the lab have come from a variety of backgrounds on the quantitative or the biological side of the spectrum, including ecology, environmental sciences, evolution, epidemiology, computer science, statistics, physics and applied math.  Regardless of their main background, lab members have had some previous exposure and ‘a foot’ in some way on the ‘other’ side of the aisle.  That’s a good place to start from, to launch into our interdisciplinary work.

We do not conduct field work per se ourselves but our research takes us places to acquire and assemble data sets and to interact with our partners abroad.  We do have an on-going collaboration that involves field work to sample the malaria parasite in Ghana and to conduct genetic sequencing of these samples. Although our work is on the theory and data analyses, I am open to ideas and interest in becoming involved in field work.


Joining the lab