April 5– Cecile B. Vigouroux (Visiting Professor in Comparative Human Development)
“Shifting the Gaze: What Sub-Saharan Africa Can Teach us about Language and Migration”

April 19– Franco Bavoni Escobedo (MAPSS)
“Soccer and Translocal Networks of Mexican Immigrants in Chicago”

May 3– Anjanette M. Chan Tack (Sociology PhD)
“Negotiating Boundaries of Indianness: Race, Caste, and Class among South Asian and Caribbean Indian Immigrants in the US”

*May 11– Richard Chu (UMass History Professor) *Co-Sponsored with the U.S. History Workshop
“The Strenuous Decades: Global Crisis and the Transformation of Chinese Society in Asia, 1930-1950”
(Thursday from 4:30-6pm in the John Hope Franklin Room of the Social Sciences Building)

May 17– Sonia Gomez (History PhD) *Co-Sponsored with the Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop
“Brides and Bachelors and the Making of Japanese America”

May 24– Jessica H. Darrow (SSA Lecturer)
“Administrative Indentureship and Administrative Inclusion: Institutionally Structured Limits and Potential Opportunities for Client Voice in Refugee Resettlement”