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Fall 2017 Schedule


Oct. 10 – Welcome Reception

Oct. 17 – Carly Offidani-Bertrand (Comparative Human Development)
“Not my Neighbor: The Pervasive Effects of Deportation on Community Relationships”

Oct. 31 – Angelica Velazquillo (School of Social Service Administration)
“New President, New Policies:  What happens to health seeking behavior for Immigrants without Lawful Status?”

Nov. 14 – Daysi Diaz-Strong (School of Social Service Administration)
“If I had known, I would have gone:”  The Gendered Pathways of the Never Enrolled 1.25 Generation”

Nov. 28 – David Aftab Ansari (Comparative Human Development)
“Clinical Students’ Reflections on Language and Identity in Immigrant Health Services in Paris”
***This workshop will be held in the Tea Room (Social Sciences Building, 2nd Floor)***

Spring 2017 Schedule


April 5– Cecile B. Vigouroux (Visiting Professor in Comparative Human Development)
“Shifting the Gaze: What Sub-Saharan Africa Can Teach us about Language and Migration”

April 19– Franco Bavoni Escobedo (MAPSS)
“Soccer and Translocal Networks of Mexican Immigrants in Chicago”

May 3– Anjanette M. Chan Tack (Sociology PhD)
“Negotiating Boundaries of Indianness: Race, Caste, and Class among South Asian and Caribbean Indian Immigrants in the US”

*May 11– Richard Chu (UMass History Professor) *Co-Sponsored with the U.S. History Workshop
“The Strenuous Decades: Global Crisis and the Transformation of Chinese Society in Asia, 1930-1950”
(Thursday from 4:30-6pm in the John Hope Franklin Room of the Social Sciences Building)

May 17– Sonia Gomez (History PhD) *Co-Sponsored with the Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop
“Brides and Bachelors and the Making of Japanese America”

May 24– Jessica H. Darrow (SSA Lecturer)
“Administrative Indentureship and Administrative Inclusion: Institutionally Structured Limits and Potential Opportunities for Client Voice in Refugee Resettlement”


Winter 2017 Schedule


January 11– Susan Gzesh (Executive Director of the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights)
“Protection Under the Convention Against Torture: The North American Context”

January 25– Yuna Blajer de la Garza (Political Science PhD)
“Blending in: Comparing Formal and Informal Mechanisms of Inclusion in Mexico and France”

February 15– Guy Emerson Mount (History PhD)
“Soul Food, Stir Fry, and Citizenship: The Transnational Construction of Tom’s Dixie Kitchen in Manila”

*February 22– Special Session with Susan Gzesh (Executive Director of the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights)
Discussion: One Month In- Immigration Policy Under the Trump Administration

March 8– Basia D. Ellis (Postdoc in Comparative Human Development)
“The Power of Inclusion: How DACA Transforms the Lives of Undocumented Youth”

Fall 2016 Schedule

Oct. 5– Marcel Anduiza Pimentel (History), “Acapulco and the Opening of the Pacific: Migrants, Maritime Business, and the California Gold Rush, 1848-1852”

Oct. 19– Brian Tuohy (Sociology), “‘If only I had those 9 digits’. Immigrant Incorporation and the Healthcare System”

Nov. 2– Beiyi Hu (Sociology), “The Weight of Categories: Geographically Inscribed Otherness in B Municipality, Sweden”

Nov. 16– Jeffrey Grogger (Irving Harris Professor in Urban Policy, Harris School), “The Generational Progress of Mexican Americans”