Fall Schedule 2011

– October 7, 4:00 pm, SSRB #224
HOLLIS CLAYSON, Art History, Northwestern University
“Mary Cassatt’s Lamp”

– October 21, 4:00 pm, SSRB #224
DENISE DAVIDSON, History, Georgia State University
“A Fate Worse than Death? The Intense Chagrin of Bankruptcy (1817-1820s)”

– November 4, 4:00 pm, SSRB #224
MONICA OLARU, PhD Student, Comparative Literature, University of Chicago
“Ambition and Weakness of Will in the Realist French Novel after 1848”

– November 18, 4:00 pm, SSRB #224
TRENT LEIPERT, PhD Candidate, Music, University of Chicago
“Phrasing Musical Affect: Jean-François Lyotard and Contemporary Composition”

– December 2, 4:00 pm, SSRB #224
AUDREY WASSER, Collegiate Assistant Professor in the Humanities, University of Chicago
“Hyperbole in Proust”

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