Spring Quarter 2016 Schedule

The Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Modern France and the Francophone World meets every other Friday at 4.00pm in the John Hope Franklin Room (Social Sciences 224), unless otherwise noted.

Friday, April 4 (4pm): Tyson Leuchter, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Chicago. “Settling Accounts: The Émigré Indemnity and Financializing Citizenship in Restoration France.”

Friday, April 15 (4pm): Elisa Jones, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Chicago. “A Freedom in Chains: Protestant Negotiation and the Fight over Liberté de Conscience in Sixteenth-Century France.”

Friday, April 29 (4pm): Antoine Compagnon, Professor of French Literature, Collège de France. “Les chiffonniers littéraires : Baudelaire et les autres.”

Friday, May 13 (4pm): Rafe Blaufarb, Professor of History, Florida State University. “Talking Property Before 1789.”

Wednesday, May 18  at Noon: Special lunchtime session with Elwin Hofman, Ph.D. Student in History, University of Leuven (Belgium). “Confessions, emotions and self in Belgium, 1750-1850.”

Friday, May 27 (4pm): Cate Talley, Loyola University at Chicago. “Modern Poetics and the Folk Imagination.”

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