Spring Quarter 2020

Spring Quarter 2020

May 1: Fanny Malègue, PhD Candidate in History at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, “Imposer la souveraineté par le chiffre ? Les recensements corses et l’État d’Ancien Régime”

(12 noon CST, Zoom meeting)

May 15: Esther Van Dyke, PhD Candidate in Romance Languages and Literatures, “Admiration and Etonnement: the Aesthetics of the Sublime in Corneille and Racine”

(4pm CST, Zoom meeting)

May 29: Colin Jones, Visiting Professor in History, “An Émigrée Noblewoman at the Heart of Revolutionary Paris: The Duchesse d’Elbeuf’s Letters to a Friend 1788-94”

(10am CST, Zoom meeting)

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