Autumn Quarter 2022

Oct 21 – Katie Jarvis (Associate Professor, Notre Dame, History): “The Frontage Road to Nineteenth-Century Capitalism: How Local Justice Transformed Credit Relationships in Revolutionary Paris” – with Colin Jones as respondent.
Nov 4 – Arthur Clement (PhD Candidate, UofC, History) – “Reexamining sécularisation and laïcisation: The Case of Eliminating the Catholic Faculties of Theology from the State University in the Early Third Republic”.
Nov 18 – Amine Bouhayat (PhD Candidate, UofC, RLL) – “Les relations internationales dans le théâtre de Pierre Corneille” (Detailed title TBD).
Dec 2 – Ryan Brown (PhD Candidate, UofC, RLL) – “In Defense of the Self: Proof, Public Opinion, and the Art of Autobiography in the works of Rousseau and Voltaire”.
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