Tuesday, November 14, Annette Burkeen presents: Corporate Social Responsibility as Corporate Power

Please join us for our next meeting on the Money, Markets, and Governance Workshop on Tuesday, November 14, at 5 – 6:30 PM, in the Social Science Research Building, room 401.

Annette Burkeen

PhD student, Political Science, University of Chicago

Corporate Social Responsibility as Corporate Power

Discussant: Karen Rhone
PhD Graduate, Political Science, The University of Chicago

Abstract: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) suggests that corporate directors and managers should make corporate decisions that consider not only the benefits to shareholders, but also any impacts on workers, the environment and society more broadly.  Existing literature focuses upon state and social pressures on corporations to adopt CSR measures—that is, CSR suggests limits to corporate power.  Such research does not address how corporations increasingly leverage the concept of CSR as a basis for pressuring their external socio-political environment.  This paper analyzes the legal structure of corporate power.  Judicial doctrine—as the state and federal level—create a legal order within which corporate managers exercise corporate power.

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