Essay Contest #8

What Do Movies Do For Us?

Movies are arguably the preeminent art form of our time, combining music, visual art, acting and storytelling into one all-encompassing experience. They pull tens of billions of dollars every year in profits, something that can be said of no other art form at any point in history.

Everyone has movies that are dear to their heart; a childhood memory, a movie that represents a relationship, an artistic inspiration. We at Night Owls would like to ask: what makes these movies special, and what makes the art form in general special? What makes a good movie, and how does this differ from what makes a good book or good play? What place do movies hold in your own life? Possible topics of reflection include:


  • The place of movies in modern life
  • The unique features of movies over other art forms
  • Movies that hold personal significance to you
  • Qualities that make a good movie
  • The future of movies

Please submit your reflections by Wednesday, June 3, at 3pm CST to

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