Winning Essays

We are pleased to present the winners of this week’s Night Owls essay contest! You can check out the winning essays by clicking the links below:

This Week’s Contest: You were a kid!

Contest Winner:

Thomas Hitchcock, “Vignettes from Francisco Ave”

Past Contest Winners:

Moving Life Online:

First Place:

Adora Svitak, “Closeness without consequences


Raina Weinstein, “On Social Virtues in a World without Coincidence

Theo Belci, “A Crisis of Space


An Essay at the End of the World

First Place:

Megan Fritts, “Easter at the End of the World”

Second Place:

Phoebe Pan, “The Unlikely Event” 

Third Place:

Anna Lerner, “The Rhythm of Chaos” 

Akash Mehta, Untitled Poem

“the end of what world?” asked the will, knowing existence to be just a spillover of itself, a rivulet diverted from the great current by the watercourse of thought, little cleft in the bedrock, itself made of the water, the will.

What are Universities for?

First Place:

Adrian Liu, “A False Choice between Liberal and Vocational Education


Mira Joseph, “On Classrooms, Doorways and Rectangles”

All you need is love…?

First Place:

Valérie Boiten, “If it were not for your love” 

Second Place:

Andrew Eckholm, “Saying I Love You”

Third Place:

Chloe Lim, “All you need is love”

Am I a number?

Contest Winner:

Anna Belle Newport, “Counting in fours”



Contest Winner:

Elena Glen, “Plagiarizing Pride and Prejudice

Thank you so much to all who entered.  We really enjoyed reading your fascinating essays!