The Data Science for Energy and Environmental Research program (DSEER), supported by an NSF NRT grant, provides funding and resources for graduate students (PhD or academic MS) doing data-driven work in environmental areas, with a special emphasis on research that touches on energy, food, and water (including climate and ecological systems). The goal is to build community among students and to provide training in computational and statistical tools that can enrich students’ primary thesis work. Accepted students typically receive two years of tuition, stipend, and travel support.

Program components include:

  • A series of “bootcamps” on statistics and computation in September each year. DSEER fellows participate either/both as students or instructors. Registration for the 2019 bootcamps is at
  • A weekly Environmental Data Science lunchtime seminar series
  • A series of three for-credit classes that lead students through a group research project to submission of a peer-reviewed paper (GEOS 39650/39660, Environmental Data Science Practicum I/II and GEOS 29600 Science Writing Practicum)
  • An overview “subject” class (GEOS 24750, “Humans in the Earth System”)
  • Professional development activities, including workshops on public speaking and scientific presentation¬†¬†

To apply, send a CV and letter of intent that describes your interest and current or expected graduate research focus to PhD students should also include a letter of support from their advisor. Full funding is available only for U.S. citizens and green-card holders, but non-citizens may participate as affiliates.