General Resources

University of Chicago Courses
CMSC 25900: Ethics, Data, and Privacy Intermediate

Ethics, Fairness, Responsibility, and Privacy in Data Science

STAT 22200: Linear Models and Experimental Design Intermediate

Includes principles and techniques for analysis of experimental data and planning of the statistical aspects of experiments. Topics include linear models; analysis of variance; randomization, blocking, and factorial designs; confounding; and incorporation of covariate information. Prerequisites: STAT 22000 or STAT 23400 or STAT 22400 or STAT 22600 or STAT 24500 or STAT 24510 or PBHS 32100, or AP Stat credit for STAT 22000, and 2 quarters of calculus (MATH 13200 or 15200 or 15300 or 16200 or 16210 or 15910 or 19520 or 19620 or 20250 or 20300 or 20310)

Online Courses and Video Lectures
 CDA Data Science Basics Video Lecture, Beginner

Explanation of what comprises Data Science and Data Scientists. Tutorial on how these tools can be applied in the workplace.

 Algorithms with Carnegie Mellon University Online Course, Intermediate

This is a full course from CMU covering algorithms. It includes lecture notes by topic and date as well as homework, quizzes and exams with solutions.

 Google Earth Engine Resources for Higher Education Online Course, Intermediate

The materials on this page are community developed curricula for teaching Earth Engine in higher education.

The Analytics Dispatch with Mode Beginner-Advanced

Cutting-edge news on data analytics and data science pieces.

Towards Data Science Beginner-Advanced

A cache of informative articles about data science, categorized into data science, machine learning, programming, visualization, and AI.

Data Elixir Intermediate

Weekly curated news picks covering machine learning, data visualization, analytics, and strategy.

KDnuggets Intermediate

An online platform on business analytics, big data, data mining, and data science. The platform covers analytics and data mining, including news, software, jobs, meetings, courses, data, education, and webinars.

The Roundup with FishTown Analytics Intermediate

The internet’s most useful data science articles.

Data Machina Advanced

A highly curated selection of the best in Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, and Data Engineering every week. Featuring a very minimalist interface.

Data Science Weekly Advanced

Free newsletter including news, articles, and careers relating to data science. Includes videos and tutorials as well.

O’Reilly Newsletter Advanced

Weekly insight from industry insiders on data science. Provides a great snapshot of tech and big data. O’Reilly has also come out with ebooks and host conferences, along with other learning tools.

Workshops, Tutorials and Bootcamps
 UChicago Research Computing Center Workshops  Workshop, Beginner-Advanced

Provides a variety of workshops regarding research computing. Structure is generally a brief lecture followed by a hands-on session. Held in the Data Visualization Lab in the Kathleen A. Zar Room in the Crerar Library.

 Workshops at CU Boulder  Workshop, Intermediate

Explore a variety of workshops that cover a wide range of topics from finding and managing data to spatial data analysis. Learn how to perform a specific workflow using a specific tool that is commonly used in the earth data science field.

 EDI Workshops  Workshop, Intermediate

Notes on various EDI workshops ranging from data publication training to hackathons.

 NASA Data Recipes  Tutorial, Intermediate

Data recipes are tutorials to help users learn how to discover, access, subset, visualize and use our data, information, tools and services. These recipes cover many different data products across the Earth science disciplines and different processing languages/software.

 NASA Webinars and Tutorials   Tutorial, Intermediate

Tutorials include step-by-step instructions to help users learn how to discover, access, subset, visualize and use Earth science data, information, tools and services. These tutorials cover many different data products across the Earth science disciplines and different data discovery and data access tools, including programming languages and related software. Webinars span the Earth science disciplines and are designed to help users learn about NASA EOSDIS data, services and tools and show users how to work with these data resources.

 Microsoft AI for Earth Open-source Code  Tutorial, Advanced

Code and trained models on GitHub.

 UChicago Data Science for Energy and Environmental Science  Bootcamp, Beginner-Intermediate

The September bootcamps introduce relevant computational and statistical tools. They are intended to give new and continuing PhD students a jumpstart into the practical skills needed for conducting research. The 1- and 2-week courses are hosted and organized by our current NRT fellows. Lessons are applicable to a wide range of fields, but examples will be drawn from environmental sciences.

Data Portals and Research
 DMT Clearinghouse Data Portal, Beginner – Intermediate

The Data Management Training Clearinghouseis a registry for online learning resources focusing on research data management.

 NASA Data Pathfinders Data Portal, Intermediate

Data pathfinders provide direct links to commonly-used datasets across NASA’s Earth science data collections. These pathfinders supplement the search capability by providing datasets through commonly used tools; these tools provide different ways of visualizing the data, options for subsetting the data, and options for saving the data in different file formats.

 EDI Data Portal Data Portal, Intermediate – Advanced

The (EDI) data portal contains environmental and ecological data packages contributed by a number of participating organizations.

 LTER Network Information System Data Portal Data Portal, Intermediate – Advanced

contains ecological data packages contributed by past and present LTER sites.

 EPA Environmental Data Gateways Data Portal, Intermediate – Advanced

is a page that contains a collection of various data sets of climate change and of environmental trends that it sorts by region or relevancy to what is being searched. The goal is to give people the opportunity to access quality and accurate data sets to do relevant research.

 Google Earth Engine Data Catalog Data Portal, Advanced

A planetary-scale platform for Earth Science data and analysis. Earth Engine’s public data archive includes more than forty years of historical imagery and scientific datasets, updated and expanded daily.

 NASA Data Visualization Data Portal, Advanced

Collection of tools for creating visualizations for different types of data. Many of these tools provide access to near real-time imagery from some of NASA’s Earth observation missions, allowing for near-real time response to natural and man-made events.

 Microsoft AI for Earth Data Sets Data Portal, Advanced

AI for Earth hosts key geospatial and conservation datasets on Azure. Anyone can use these data sets to operate on global-scale environmental data.

 Microsoft AI for Earth Research Research, Intermediate

Published research for various AI for Earth projects.

 Earth Observation Center Research, Advanced

Website that focuses on recording and collecting Data (particularly climate/weather and topography) over Europe and the rest of the planet. I would classify it as a platform website and it focuses more on having data sets than programming languages.

 ESIP Outputs Research, Advanced

Explore publications and contributions made by the ESIP community as a whole. Includes data publication guidelines, software guidelines, training, etc.

 Microsoft AI for Earth APIs Advanced

AI for Earth APIs allow application developers to accelerate their conservation applications with machine learning. Note: some API’s require requests.

 Microsoft AI for Earth Infrastructure Advanced

Open-source infrastructure and hands-on development support to go from a machine learning project to a web API running on Azure.

 NASA Data Tools Advanced

Tools for functions such as searching and subsetting data. The tools are categorized by type that indicate the primary function, including:
Search and Order
Data Handling
Subsetting and Filtering
Geolocation, Reprojection, and Mapping
Data Visualization and Analysis

 Google Earth Engine API Advanced

contains a list of APIs.

Programming and Programming Languages  Beginner

afree, regularly updated textbook. It is an introduction to programming, teaching you basic concepts of organizing data and the programs that operate over them, ending in the investigation of universally useful algorithms. It is also an introduction to programming languages: a study, from one level up, of the media by which we structure these data and programs.

Earth System Science Data  Advanced

An international, interdisciplinary journal for the publication of articles on original research data (sets). The journal maintains sections for regular-length articles, brief communications (e.g. on additions to data sets) and commentaries, as well as review articles and special issues.

Google Earth Engine Guide  Intermediate

The purpose of Earth Engine is to: Provide an interactive platform for geospatial algorithm development at scale, enable high-impact, data-driven science, make substantive progress on global challenges that involve large geospatial datasets. Guides cover topics ranging from machine learning to image collection and algorithms.

User Guide for RCC Resources  Advanced

A detailed overview of using Miway2, the high-performing computing system.