✓ Sereno Fossil Lab

Paul Sereno, Professor in Organismal Biology & Anatomy, University of Chicago

The Sereno Research Lab project in OCHRE is a model of how paleontologists can organize, display and make accessible a broad range of information, data and images for paleontological research by an individual, laboratory team, or university department.

Visit Paul Sereno’s website for more information on his research aims, field expeditions, fossils discovered and teaching.

The OCHRE database has allowed for the input of archaeological and paleontological legacy data with ease and sophistication because of the expert advice and assistance of OCHRE project personnel.  Particularly useful is the integration of  diverse data across disciplines with 3D-mapping features for individual sites at adjustable scale. Organizing, viewing, and making accessible online data displayed in this way will lead toward a more collaborate future.

Paul Sereno


The Nigersaurus, made life-like by Tyler Keillor, fossil preparator and paleoartist in Paul Sereno’s laboratory since 2001.

Screenshot from OCHRE: the Nigersaurus flesh model thumbnail gallery