Tell al-Judaidah (TAJ)

Lynn Swartz Dodd, Associate Professor of the Practice of Religion and Spatial Sciences, University of Southern California

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From the website of the Oriental Institute:

Tell Judaidah is one of the largest ancient sites in the Amuq. Standing over 30 meters high, there was settlement at the site ranging from the Neolithic (6000 BC) through the Byzantine Period. The long occupational sequence at Tell Judaidah is what originally attracted Robert Braidwood and the Oriental Institute team to the site in the 1930s. Their excavations at the site were crucial in establishing the cultural sequence of the Amuq. Tell Judaidah is also well known as the findspot of a cache of poly-metallic figurines from the late Chalcolithic (4500 BC). The figurines are the oldest known tin bronzes in the world.

Tell al-Judaideh

Tell al-Judaidah

Judaidah profile; cylinder seal A27410

Judaidah profile; cylinder seal A27410;
Photo credit: West Semitic Research Project