Zincirli Höyük

J. David Schloen, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago; Co-Director
Virginia Herrmann, Junior Research Group Leader, University of Tübingen; Co-Director
Tuna Kalaycı, Assistant Director (since 2016)
Kathryn Morgan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago; Assistant Director (since 2017)

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The joint Chicago-Tübingen Expedition (since 2014; from 2006 to 2013 the Neubauer Expedition to Zincirli) conducts field research at this important site with studies of the history, culture, and ecology of the surrounding region to shed light on Bronze and Iron Age developments in a pivotal zone of interaction between the Levant, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia.

OCHRE has allowed our project to evolve from using paper forms to almost 100% digital recording. Having data-entry, mapping, query, inventory and image tools all in one place means that we have left behind the old messy mix of media and platforms that create such problems for later publication or reanalysis. It is essential for our team to be able to work simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic, with all the data synced and accessible for everyone. But the ability to go offline as needed means that we are not limited by the local infrastructure when we’re in the field. And whenever we encounter a new challenge, the OCHRE team is eager to dig into it, always pushing to improve and adapt the platform to our needs.

Dr. Virginia Herrmann

Junior Research Group Leader, University of Tübingen; Co-Director, The Chicago-Tübingen Expedition to Zincirli