The Undergraduate Economics Society 

Oeconomica is UChicago’s undergraduate economics society. We host speaker events, industry presentations and student panels year round (with free food) and manage the economics department’s only mentorship program. We also partner with the department to hold special events each year, such as book talks, the Econometrics Game (it’s like an economics hackathon) and a sponsored trip to the American Economics Association Conference. Outside of our general meetings, we offer research cohorts geared towards first and second years that allow students to learn about various topics in economics and gain valuable technical skills relevant for research or industry work.


Oeconomica maintains a year-round reading and research program that emphasizes synthesizing foundational economic research articles from major journals, acquiring empirical analysis skills, and undertaking research projects related to students’ topics of interest. Academic Cohorts—themed around various sub-fields in economics—provide a platform for students to learn about economic topics and undertake a significant empirical project. See links to the right to learn more about the cohorts and sign up for them!


We hold weekly meetings on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00 pm. We organize a variety of events at these meetings, from talks that allow students to engage with professors and the latest research done in a causal environment to student panels that discuss landing internships, research positions and more. Additional events that we have held in the past include presentations by industry professionals, book presentations (with free signed copies) and more! We also organize two special events: the AEA conference trip and the econometrics game every year. Come to our first meeting of the year to learn more about our events and join our listhost/follow our instagram to stay in the loop.

Info Session

Wednesday, 10/4

Saieh 146, 6-7pm


We are excited to announce that we’ll be organizing the mentorship program for the fourth year! This year, we’ve reorganized the format to make the process more convenient for mentors and mentees! Mentors will list, on a google spreadsheet, each quarter, when they are free for a coffee chat and mentees will sign up for time slots. Coffee or food can also be subsidized for mentors. See the spreadsheet and sign up link to the right!

Coming soon!