The Undergraduate Economics Research Society 

This Week’s General Meeting Topic: Is There an Industrial Land Discount in China? A Public Finance Perspective – Professor Anthony Lee Zhang from Booth

SHFE 021, Wednesday (April 27), (6-7 pm)

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Research Cohorts

Oeconomica maintains a year-round research program that emphasizes reading and synthesizing important and advanced economic research articles from major journals, acquiring skills necessary for empirical analysis, and also undertaking research projects related to themes that students themselves are passionate about. Oeconomica’s new approach to research is through cohorts. Cohorts are led by two seasoned economics students and are theme driven. The planned tasks for cohorts is to read and produce a literature review for their theme in the fall, learn research method skills in the winter, and undertake a more involved research project in the Spring.

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We are offering the peer mentorship program again this year.  This program seeks to connect upperclassmen (third and fourth-years) with underclassmen(first and second years), to guide them through the economics major and course selection process.  We will try to connect people based on shared interests, and we welcome anyone to sign-up(even if you are unsure of your interests or major). Anyone who signs-up will be paired with a mentor.  We hope this initiative reclaims some of the personal interactions among students and will give underclassmen exposure to various professional and academic paths in the realm of economics.  

Econometrics Game

The Econometrics Game is a competition where teams are given a dataset and 14 hours to devise and answer a question of economic importance. Each team must then write a comprehensive research paper. The teams judged to have the best papers are then selected to present their findings in front of a panel of judges (which in the past has generally included Nobel Prize winning economists). In addition to a dinner with the judges, the top team will receive iPads. The second place team will receive kindles. Interested teams should click the link below to learn more.