Applied Econometrics

Weekly Meetings - TBA!

How does investment in education affect labor market outcomes? What is the relationship between income tax and retirement plans? Econometrics is a powerful field of economics that uses statistical techniques to answer such quantitative questions.

Our cohort will engage with the fundamental tools used in econometrics through hands-on applications with data. First, we will introduce you to the foundations of econometrics such as statistical knowledge, causal inference, and linear regression and its applications. Secondly, we will delve deeper into econometrics methods like instrumental variables and difference-in differences. Throughout the cohort, you will learn the basics of R coding and to read and interpret economics papers. For your final project, you will use these skills to replicate a research paper that uses an econometric model.

This cohort will provide you with the toolkit for empirical investigation of research questions and prepare you for future research positions.

Georgiana Liang - Cohort Leader

Georgiana is a third-year studying Economics and Mathematics. She has previous experience as a research assistant at BFI and her primary research interests relate to applied microeconomics, econometrics, and public policy. In her free time, she loves reading, music, board games, and visiting museums of all kinds.

Yuhang Li - Cohort Leader

Yuhang is a fourth-year majoring in Economics and Mathematics. She has previous experience working as a research assistant at BFI and Booth. Her research interests involve labor economics, development economics and business economics. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and exploring new places.