Game Theory (Voting)

Weekly Meetings - TBA

Voting is everywhere in our lives, whether it is how we choose our next president every four years or how your friend group decides where to eat tomorrow. The need to select winners from people’s preferences is a core aspect of social interaction.

Our cohort dives into what voting is from a more formal and mathematical perspective. We will look at different basic voting systems and the aspects that differentiate them. Additionally, the flaws and positive aspects of most modern voting structures will be discussed. Cohort members should become able to think about voting from a more formal perspective entering next year where voting will become a centerpiece of our society.

Thomas - Cohort Leader

Thomas is a third-year student studying economics and mathematics. He has experience working as a research assistant in the Becker Friedman institute and is interested in game theory, monetary policy, and formal theory. In his free time, Thomas can be found working out at Ratner or engaging in lively political or philosophical discussions at the dinner table.


Arnav - Cohort Leader

Arnav is a third-year student at the college majoring in economics. He has experience in venture capital, consulting, as well as working in corporate finance. He is interested in a variety of microeconomic topics including industrial organization. In his free time, Arnav enjoys playing board games at the Madd center and competing for Vincent House in intramural sports.