Industrial Organization

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No market perfectly follows the idealistic models from introductory economics classes. From the Meta-Within merger to the SAG-AFTRA strikes, the effects of imperfect competition on many facets of the global economy have grown dramatically. As antitrust lawsuits from the FTC and DOJ ramp up, industrial organization theory plays a larger role in evaluating the merits of firms’ behavior.

This cohort  will consist of two parts. First, in Autumn Quarter, we will be introduced to fundamental theories in IO as well as econometric methods for conducting real-world analysis. Later, during the last two quarters, we will examine a case study of the interactions between competing companies in the ice cream industry. Cohort members will be on one of two teams competing to either identify possible transgressions related to cartel behavior and price fixing or to prove the defendants’ innocence. We hope to not only instill some of the applied concepts of industrial organization into this ice cream conundrum but also teach technical skills related to time series analysis and statistical reasoning. We look forward to imparting a skillset crucial to an aspiring economic consultant or data scientist.

Akshay Joglekar - Cohort Leader

Eric - Cohort Leader

Akshay is a fourth-year Economics major. He has been involved with Oeconomica’s Research Cohorts for two years and has previous experience in economic consulting. His interests in economics include industrial organization and antitrust law as well as econometrics. Since being gifted a guitar this January, Akshay has been spending much of his free time learning jazz guitar. He is especially fond of the jazz manouche style as well as Wes Montgomery’s playing.

Eric is a third-year student.