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Oeconomica’s Academic Cohorts provide an opportunity for students to gain exposure to economics research and explore different subfields within the discipline. Cohorts are led by 1-2 seasoned economics students and are theme driven. In the fall, students will learn about topics related to their cohort’s theme and be introduced to literature related to the cohort’s theme. They will then work on an economics research project related to this theme for the next two quarters. To this end, participants will be taught programming languages such as R, statistical analysis techniques, along with elements of data science, including data manipulation and visualization.


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Industrial Organization

No market perfectly follows the idealistic models from introductory economics classes. From the Meta-Within merger to the SAG-AFTRA strikes, the effects of imperfect competition on many facets of the global economy have grown dramatically. As antitrust...

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Game Theory (Voting)

Voting is everywhere in our lives, whether it is how we choose our next president every four years or how your friend group decides where to eat tomorrow. The need to select winners from people’s preferences is a core aspect of social interaction. Our cohort...

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Urban Economics

Economics is the study of the production and consumption of scarce resources; naturally then, urban economics is focused on the geographical distribution of the production and consumption of scarce resources, particularly in cities. In this cohort, we will...

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Applied Econometrics

How does investment in education affect labor market outcomes? What is the relationship between income tax and retirement plans? Econometrics is a powerful field of economics that uses statistical techniques to answer such quantitative questions. Our cohort...

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