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Academic Cohorts

Oeconomica’s Academic Cohorts provide an opportunity for students to gain exposure to economics research and explore different subfields within the discipline. Cohorts are led by 1-2 seasoned economics students and are theme driven. In the fall, students will learn about topics related to their cohort’s theme and be introduced to literature related to the cohort’s theme. They will then work on an economics research project related to this theme for the next two quarters. To this end, participants will be taught programming languages such as R, statistical analysis techniques, along with elements of data science, including data manipulation and visualization.


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Economics and Machine Learning

From the recommender systems behind Tiktok’s For You page to the computer vision algorithms behind modern cars’ collision detection, machine learning has had a profound impact on our everyday lives. Machine learning’s power lies in its ability to predict the...

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Economic History

The subfield of Economic History focuses on answering questions using a combination of historical, statistical, and econometric methods. Its questions range from how the sex of a monarch affects propensity to violence, to how settler mortality rate can be...

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Development Economics

Much of economic research today takes place within the context of developed economies. But how well do the theories and conclusions that arise from this research apply to developing economies? This year, the development economics cohort will seek to address...

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Economics of Inequality

“What do people mean when they talk about Income Inequality and Schooling Inequality? What are the driving forces behind those gradually widening inequality? Can educational expansion help to reduce income inequality? These are some of the questions we will...

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Research Cohort

Oeconomica’s Research Cohort is focused on producing high-quality, student-driven economics research. It is targeted at upper-class students who have completed the economics core sequence, and are keen to collaborate with Oeconomica members in pursing advanced undergraduate research. The Cohort hosts seminar-style research meetings throughout the year, with the objective of producing original papers to be published in major undergraduate journals. The Cohort is led by a board member with extensive research experience and receives guidance from instructional professors at the Economics Department. Application for the Research Cohort occurs in the middle of Spring quarter each year and is now closed.

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