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Labor and Consumption

What drives people’s purchasing decisions in the housing market? What are the economics behind viral YouTube videos? How do people spend their time? These are some of the questions we will study in the Labor and Consumption cohort. In the fall, you will be...

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Behavioral Economics

Combining elements from psychology and behavioral science, behavioral economics incorporates the idea that we all have behavioral biases when making decisions and human behavior is not as rational and predictable as earlier economic models and theory...

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Macroeconomics and Policy

Our cohort revolves around the following question: How should one think about the aggregate economy and macroeconomic policies? We will survey important topics in macroeconomics through the lens of a policymaker---by not just only looking at policies...

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Asset Pricing

The asset pricing cohort studies the interaction between risk and reward to attempt to understand the expected return of securities. Within this context, we will utilize many models to understand the returns associated with certain assets by analyzing the...

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Development and Inequality

The development and inequality cohort seeks to address questions that lie at the intersection of development economics and the economics of inequality. Economists in these fields often take an interdisciplinary approach and challenge the theories and models...

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