Thiviya Kumaran - President

Thiviya is a fourth year majoring in economics and mathematics. He has held several Research Assistant positions, and has completed a year of full time work in development economics. Thiviya is primarily interested in the fields of development, social networks, and welfare economics, in which he has pursued several independent research projects.

Zhang Zhi - Vice President

Zhi Zhang is a junior in the College majoring in Economics and Statistics. He has held research assistant positions at the Booth School of Business, the Harris School of Public Policy, and the Social Science Division at UChicago. With a deep passion in economic policy issues, Zhi has interned at Singapore’s Ministry of Finance, and concurrently serves as the president of the College’s Federal Reserve Challenge team. Zhi’s research interest rests broadly in macroeconomics, public finance, and monetary economics.

Becky Scurlock - Research Director

Becky is a fourth-year Economics major with interests in political economy, economic development, and international trade. She has assisted with research at the Pearson Institute for Global Conflict and at the Energy Policy Institute (EPIC). When not learning about economics, Becky enjoys running, hiking, and trying new vegetarian food.

Rebecca (Bojun) Liu - Events Director

Rebecca is currently doing a masters in CS. She is working with a professor in Booth and enjoys research in development economics and economic policy analysis (especially COVID related policies).

Tanvi Bekal - Events Director

Tanvi is a third year studying Economics with a specialization in Data Science with a minor in Computer Science. She is particularly interested in financial economics as well as studying quantitative methods.

Justin Smith - Treasurer

Justin is a fourth-year quadruple majoring in Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, and Computational and Applied Mathematics. He holds a research assistant position at the Booth School of Business and has interned in exotic equity derivatives trading. His research interests are primarily in game theory and behavioral economics.

Michael Caosun - Econometrics Game Director

Michael Caosun is a fourth year in the College majoring in Mathematics and Economics. He has assisted with researchers at the Energy Policy Institute. His interest is in financial and network economics.


Yunshu April Hu - Econometrics Game Director

I am a fourth year majoring in economics and mathematics. I have experience working as a research assistant for professors from the Booth School of Business, and my research interest is currently focused on financial economics.

Cedric Elkouh - AEA Conference Director

Cedric is a third year in the College majoring in Mathematics and Economics. He enjoys research in applied microeconomics, and he has experience working for professors in the Law School, the Booth School of Business, Computational Social Science, and the Harris School of Public Policy.

Hannah Maeder - AEA Conference Director

Hannah is a fourth-year in the College, majoring in Economics. She has held Research Positions with the Department of Economics and the Becker Friedman Institute. Hannah is particularly interested in Monetary and Financial Economics.

Matthew Lohrs - Community Director

Matt is a third-year student majoring in economics and history. He became interested in game theory after his time in that cohort, and he is also interested in the intersection of economics and law. In Summer 2021, Matt interned for an investment consulting firm, though he plans to pursue economic consulting in the future. Outside of school, Matt enjoys baseball, comedy, and learning about American political history.

Chris Liao - Social Media Director

Chris is a second year student studying Economics, Mathematics and Computer science. He has experience working as a research assistant for professors in Booth and is interested in research in industrial organization, information technology markets, and labor economics. In his free time, Chris likes to exercise, travel to Chinatown with his friends and watch movies.

Daniel Wang - Social Media Director