Chris Liao - President

Chris Liao is a fourth-year student studying Economics with a joint masters in Computer Science. In the past, he has worked as a quantitative trading intern and research assistant in economics and finance. He is currently working on an economics thesis about the industrial organization of open source software. In his free time, Chris runs, plays board games and takes polaroids. 



Matt Zhao - Executive Vice President

Matt is a senior majoring in Economics with a minor in Computer Science. He has experience working on the Walmart Economics team, in data science, and as a research assistant in Harris and Booth and is interested in the applications of economics research in industry and applied econometrics. In his free time, Matt enjoys engaging in long-winded conversations, photography, and reading.

Jenny Li - Vice President

Jenny is a third year at the University of Chicago majoring in Statistics and Business Economics, and has been involved in Oeconomica since her first year. In her free time, you can find her reading a new novel or memoir, cooking, writing, or biking around Chicago.

Sanjna Narayan - Events Director

Sanjna is a fourth year majoring in Public Policy with a specialization in Economics and a minor in Theater. On campus, you can also find her as a research assistant at Booth and the Law School, president of the French Club, president of Women’s Ice Hockey, and an actress with University Theater. She has loved her time with Oeconomica getting to learn from various professors and students alike, and is particularly interested in behavioral economics and investments.

Angelique Alexos - Events Director

Angélique is a third year pursuing a double major in business economics and psychology with a minor in French. Through her participation in Oeconomica, Angélique has enjoyed getting to hear and learn from professors in various fields of economics as well as her peers. She is particularly interested in behavioral economics as well as topics related to healthcare. 


Alex Gordon - Academic Director

Alex is a third-year student.

Chris Pan - Econometrics Game Director

Chris is a second-year student.


Stella Jiang - Social Media and AEA Conference Director

Stella is a third-year student. 

Victor Qian - AEA Conference Director

Victor is a third-year student.