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We build modern integrated circuits using atomically thin materials by combining chemical and physical approaches.

About Park Group

We are an interdisciplinary research group and a proud member of the Department of Chemistry and the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at University of Chicago. Our group is conducting research on the synthesis, assembly and chracterization of nanoscale materials and devices using a variety of advanced tools.


Farewells to Serena, Hui, Maritha, and Andy!

Farewell to several lab members who have been indispensable to our research in the last few years. We will miss you! We're losing a lot of you to California, Hui as a process engineer at Lam Research, Maritha as a graduate student at Stanford, and Andy as an assistant...

Jaehyung has joined us!

We would like to welcome Dr. Jaehyung Yu to our group! We're excited for the potential new projects to work on!

Hui successfully defended his PhD!

Congratulations to Dr. Hui Gao for successfully defending his PhD in Materials Chemistry at Cornell!! Best wishes for the next chapter of your life in sunny California.