Cody Jones: “What a Ghost is Owed: Towards a Hauntological Theory of Debt”

Cody Jones
PhD student, Religion, Literature, and Visual Culture
What a Ghost is Owed: Towards a Hauntological Theory of Debt
Wednesday, May 31, 4:30pm, Swift 201
What are ghosts, what do they have to do with debt, and should we be agitating for their liberation? Are virtual economics a form of haunted product? Why is terror the affective equivalent of a stock market crash? Have you actually been dead for forty years? Some of these questions will most likely be answered, or at the very least ignored, in this presentation. Works and interlocutors include: Lacan, Bataille, Marx, Reza Negarestani, China Miéville, Derrida, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, That Thing That Happened to You When You Were Home Alone, and the ? emoji.
                                        Refreshments will be served.

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