Between Self and No-Self: Some Phenomenological Considerations

Friday, December 3rd – 4:30PM
Prof. David W. Johnson
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Boston College
Between Self and No-Self: Some Phenomenological Considerations
The Philosophy of Religions Workshop is pleased to host Prof. David W. Johnson of Boston College, a renowned scholar of phenomenology, hermeneutics, and modern Japanese philosophy.  Prof. Johnson will be presenting an ongoing project he plans to give as a talk at a conference next year, the draft of which is attached below.  The talk concerns the No-Self idea in Buddhist thought, attempting “to show how it may be possible
to reconcile the reality of the self with a particular interpretation of the no-self doctrine.”
Prof. Johnson will be presenting an abridged, extemporized version of the talk presented in the draft, and then leading a discussion on the issues at hand with the second half of our time.  He is interested to hear especially from scholars of Buddhist philosophy who may be able to enrich and refine his engagement with those materials.  Reading the draft (attached below) before the presentation and discussion is encouraged, but not necessary for attendance.
The Workshop on the Philosophy of Religions is committed to being a fully accessible and inclusive workshop.  Please contact Workshop Coordinators John Marvin ( or Tyler Neenan ( in order to make any arrangements necessary to facilitate your participation in workshop events.

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