Stay Tuned!

The workshop would like to extend a thank you to all the students, faculty, and visiting scholars who helped to make this year such a success by joining into our ongoing discussion on the intersections of religion and philosophy.

We have yet another exciting and stimulating academic year on the horizon, and can’t wait to see our friends and colleagues for another round of rigorous interdisciplinary conversation!

Please stay tuned to the blog and mailing list for imminent updates, the upcoming schedule, and more!

-The PR Workshop

New “Links” Page!

We’ve added a “Links” page to our website!  Here we’ve linked to associated workshops and organizations. Hopefully, with time, the list will grow in keeping with our commitment to interdisciplinarity!

Please feel free to peruse this new (and oh so exciting) content.

Pardon our mess

Greetings colleagues!

Autumn quarter fast approaches, and we all know what that means…

time for the Workshop on the Philosophy of Religions to reconvene!

At the moment, our website is currently undergoing maintenance so that we can better serve YOU, and better fulfill our general scholarly aims.

Please excuse the dearth of content for the time being while we straighten things out.


Coming Soon:

In the weeks to come, we plan to make this website more navigable and useful for attendees, participants, and anyone else who is interested!

In the weeks leading up to Autumn 2014 we will hope to undertake:

  1. A facelift to the site (already underway).
  2. An expansion of content (regular contributions from associates of the workshop).
  3. Institution of regular updates on Workshop proceedings.
  4. Last but not least [drum-roll, please] a regularly updated schedule of meetings, presentations, and other events of interest!


Hope to see you this Fall!