Welcome to the official webpage of the Workshop on the Philosophy of Religions at the University of Chicago. 

Who we are, the work we pursue, and the way we pursue it:

“Philosophy of Religions” has evolved from being an offshoot of Christian theology marshaling scholastic arguments for the existence of God and the legitimacy of faith beyond rationality, to a cosmopolitan and eclectic endeavor involving a plurality of traditions, concerns, approaches, and no obvious center of gravity. It occupies an ambiguous position at the boundaries of contemporary philosophy and religious studies.

The Philosophy of Religions Workshop seeks to explore and unify this open, teeming field, encouraging the mutual exposure of the philosophical, the historical, the philological, the theoretical, and the theological. Such work takes place in conversation with contemporary, modern, and pre-modern thinkers from all parts of the world, the excavation of whose thought requires textual sensitivity and deep knowledge of cultural history, but also involves forward-thinking analytical tools, critical themes, and constructive aims.

The PR Workshop is sponsored by the Council on Advanced Studies and hosted by the University of Chicago Divinity School.


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