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Karolina Ryba joined our group

Karolina came to us from Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw,┬áPoland as a part of Fulbright’s BioLAB program and will stay with us for a year! Karolina will spend her internship on structural characterization of RNA-antibody complexes to gain better understanding on what structural features antibodies adopt to promote effective RNA binding. Welcome!

Dan Krochmal joined the lab

Say hi to Dan Krochmal – our new PhD student! Dan Krochmal graduated with master’s degree from Jagiellonian University in Poland and visited the Piccirilli Lab in years 2017-2018 as a laureate of the Polish-American BioLAB program. Dan will be working on design and development of RNA-tailored phage-displayed Fab libraries.

Wojciech Gogacz joined our lab!

Piccirilli Lab is welcoming a new student Wojciech Gogacz, a chemistry graduate student at the University of Gdansk in Poland who is visiting us as a laureate of the Polish-American BioLAB program. Wojciech will spend one year in our lab working on structural investigation of Pepper fluorogenic RNA aptamer. Welcome!