The Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security at the University of Chicago




Jan 12, 1995 Bergstron, Stacy Allen A Theoretical Inquiry into War Widening
Jan 19, 1995 Lieberman, Elli What Makes Deterrence Work: Lessons from the Egyptian-Israeli Enduring Rivalry
Jan 26, 1995 McIntyre, David Why the US should be Isolationist
Feb 02, 1995 Inbar, Efraim Islamic Radicalism and the Peace Process
Feb 09, 1995 Lustick, Ian Necessary Risks: Lessons for the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process from Ireland and Algeria
Feb 16, 1995 Jacobsen, Jack Are all Politics Domestic Politics?: Perspective on the Integration of Comparative and IR Theories
Mar 02, 1995 Busch, Mark Commercial Rivalries in Imperfect Markets: The Calculus of Strategic Trade