Roy Chicky Arad: Monday Oct 21 4:30-6pm Midway 108

Please join us in welcoming Roy Chicky Arad to the Poetry & Poetics Workshop on Monday, October 21, 2019, at 4:30-6pm in Midway Studios 108.

Roy Chicky Arad is a poet, author, journalist, musician, and social activist from Tel Aviv, Israel. Aradpublished eight books of poetry and prose. and invented Kimo poetry, a hairy Hebrew version of Haiku. Additionally, he released seven musical albums. Arad is a journalist for Haaretz newspaper and from 2004, the editor of Maayan poetry, prose and ideas magazine, His book “The Israeli Dream” is hailed as “one of the ten greatest Hebrew books of the twenty-first century” (Mako). Culture Guerrilla group, which he co-founded, took poetry into Israeli streets and protests. He participates courtesy of Fulbright

This workshop is supported by the Council on Advanced Studies and The Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies


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