Fall 2009

October 5
Introductory Session

October 12
“Anti-Selective Abortion but Pro-Choice? The Stakes of Reproductive Rights in the Disability Context”
Claire McKinney, University of Chicago

October 19
“Selections from Machiavellian Democracy
John McCormick, University of Chicago

October 26
“Locke, ‘Some Americans,’ and the Discourse on ‘Carolina'”
James Farr, Northwestern University

November 2
“Agency, Inequality, and the Meaning of Freedom”
Sharon Krause, Brown University

November 9
“Between Polis and Empire: Aristotle’s Politics”
Mary Dietz, Northwestern University

November 16
“Taking Stances: A Performative Conception of Political Legitimacy”
Thomas Fossen, Utrecht University

November 23
“Du Bois and Political Theory: A discussion of In the Shadow of Du Bois: Afro-Modern Political Thought in America
Robert Gooding-Williams, University of Chicago

November 30
“On The First Few Pages of Rousseau’s Emile
Gregory Freeman, University of Chicago