Fall 2010

October 4
Introductory Session and Pizza Lunch

October 11
“Minding What Already Matters: A Critique of Moral Individualism”
Alice Crary, The New School for Social Research

October 18
“What Consent Theory Can Tell Us About Political Authority”
Mara Marin, University of Chicago

October 25
Co-Sponsored with the Modern France Workshop
“Interpreting a Correspondence: The Case of Tocqueville”
Françoise Mélonio, l’Université Paris-Sorbonne

November 1
Co-Sponsored with the Project on Language, History, and Political Theory
“Heidegger, Cassirer, and Political Theology”
Peter Gordon, Harvard University

November 8
“Adam Smith on Recognition, Domination, and History”
Daniel Luban, University of Chicago

November 15
“Alexander Hamilton’s Question: Liberty or Necessity in the American Political Constitution”
Thomas Crocker, University of South Carolina

November 22
“What Are Poets For? Arendt on Brecht, and Others”
Patchen Markell, University of Chicago

November 29
“Foucauldian Itineraries: Blandine Kriegel, From Society To the State”
Michael Behrent, Appalachian State University