Fall 2012

October 8
First Session — Introductory Meeting, Lunch

October 15
“The Anti-Trinitarian Origins of Liberalism”
Michael Gillespie, Duke University

October 22
“The Paradoxical Decision: Carl Schmitt and Saint Paul”
Daniel Nichanian, University of Chicago

October 29
“Obama, Du Bois, Autobiography”
Robert Gooding-Williams, University of Chicago

November 5
The International Politics of Religious Freedom”
Elizabeth Hurd, Northwestern University

November 12
“How Greek are the Platonic Cities? Ethnic Identity in the Republic and the Laws”
Alexander Orwin, University of Chicago

November 20
“The Political Problem of Oppression: No Appearance, No Public Space, No Plurality, Just Abundant Isolation”
Ainsley LeSure, University of Chicago

Co-sponsored with the Gender & Sexuality Studies Workshop

November 27

December 3
“Democracy and Equality of Political Status”
James Wilson, University of Chicago