Fall 2014

October 6th
Information Session

October 13th
“Machiavelli’s Corrupt Republic: Inequality, Patronage and the Allure of a “Kingly” Power”
Amanda Moure Maher, University of Chicago

October 20th
“The Social Rises and the World is Abandoned: The Worldly Obstacle to Resistance to Racism”
Ainsley LeSure, University of Chicago

October 27th
“Plural Freedom”
Sharon Krause, Brown University

November 3rd:
A critical exchange on Machiavelli

“Machiavelli’s Inglorious Tyrants”
      John McCormick, University of Chicago
“Machiavelli’s Modern Turn”
      Nathan Tarcov, University of Chicago

November 10th
“Prisoner, Sailor, Soldier, Spy: Hobbes on Liberty and Fear”
Daniel Luban, University of Chicago

November 17th
“Visions of the Social: Reform and Democracy in Nineteenth-Century Germany”
Steven Klein, University of Chicago

November 24th
“Democratic Persuasion and Freedom of Speech”
Corey Brettschneider, Brown University

December 1st
Partisanship and Political Commitment
Lea Ypi, LSE