Fall 2015 Schedule

Tocqueville’s ‘Free’ Ascent of the Public Mind: Clergy, Legislators and Uniformity in Democracy in America.

Alex Haskins, University of Chicago

Reconsidering the Ontology of the Political Self

Ramon Lopez, University of Chicago

Domestic Colonialism in Western Political Theory and Practise

Barbara Arneil, University of British Columbia

Realism in Ethics and Politics: Bernard Williams, Political Theory and the Critique of Morality

David Owen, University of Southampton

“Escaping Detection: Demosthenes and the Orating of Athenian Blood”

Demetra Kasimis, University of Chicago

Seizing A Seat at the Table: AIDS Treatment Activism and Disputes over Popular Capacities

Daniel Nichanian, University of Chicago

Fleeting Promises, Foundling Politics: Cruising Arendt’s Amor Mundi

Samuel Galloway, University of Chicago


Note: For access to papers delivered at the workshop, please contact the author and/or workshop coordinator for permission and access.