Spring 2009

April 6
“Vying for Authority in Plato’s Republic
Jill Frank, University of South Carolina

April 13
“Hobbes on the Law of Nations”
Theo Christov, Northwestern University

April 20
“Sex and the City-State: Political Participation as Virility
and the ‘Right of Desire’ in 18th Century German Philosophy”

Laura Werner, University of Chicago

April 27
“Demanding Democracy: Deliberation, Realism, and American Radical Tradition”
Marc Stears, Oxford University

May 4
“‘For the land is Mine’: The Hebrew Commonwealth and the Rise of Redistribution”
Eric Nelson, Harvard University

May 11
“The Unforced Force of the Better Argument: Reason and Power in Habermas’s Political Theory”
Amy Allen, Dartmouth College

May 18
“Imperialism and International Law”
Antony Anghie, University of Utah

June 1
“A New Reading of the 3rd Book of Hume’s Treatise:
Forms of life and the origins of value and political society”
Jason Rosensweig, University of Chicago