Spring 2010

April 5
Co-Sponsored with the Modern Philosophy Workshop
“Rousseau: Politics, Language and Music”
Tracy Strong, University of California, San Diego

April 12
“Rousseau’s Two Concepts of Obligation”
Rafeeq Hasan, University of Chicago

April 19
“From ‘Entrepreneur of the Self’ to ‘Care of the Self’: Neoliberal Governmentality and Foucault’s Ethics”
Andrew Dilts, University of Chicago

April 26
“Transcendent Homosexuals and Dangerous Sex Offenders: Sexual Harm and Freedom in the Judicial Imaginary”
Joe Fischel, University of Chicago

May 3
“Using Gender to Shape Differences: The Belgian Doctrine of Cultural Offences and Cultural Defence”
Fabienne Brion, Université catholique de Louvain

May 10
A Conversation on Neoliberalism
“From Katrina to Obama and the Future of Black Politics”
“The Illusion of Free Markets”
“Piety In Time”
Michael Dawson, Bernard Harcourt, and Lisa Wedeen, University of Chicago

May 17
“Self Determination Reconsidered: Revolutions of Decolonization and Postcolonial Citizenship”
Keally McBride, University of San Francisco

May 24
“The Burdens of American Liberalism: Vocations of the Cold War Liberal in Louis Hartz and Arthur Schlesinger Jr.”
Gordon Arlen, University of Chicago