Spring 2012

March 26
“Democratic Careening”
Dan Slater, University of Chicago

April 2
“Responsiveness, or the Weight of Recognition”
J.J. McFadden, University of Chicago

April 9
“‘The Magical Influence of Custom’: Democracy and Conformity in Mill’s On Liberty
Jennie Ikuta, Brown University

April 16
“Fichte’s Grounding of Rights Independently of Morality”
Nedim Nomer, Sabanci University, Istanbul

April 23
“A New Proviso for Rawlsian Public Reason”
Ryan Long, University of Chicago Law

April 30
“Secular Powers: Humanity and Humility in Modern Political Thought”
Julie Cooper, University of Chicago

May 7
“Leo Strauss’s Religious Rhetoric (1924-1938)”
Thomas Meyer, Ludwig Maximilians-University, Munich

May 9
SPECIAL SESSION: “American Neoliberalism: The Birth of Biopolitics Lectures” with François Ewald and Gary Becker in Foster 505
Lectures 9 and 10
Lecture 11 (Optional)

May 14
“What was Politics to the Denisovan?”
Kennan Ferguson, UW-Milwaukee

May 21
“Satyrs, Slaves, and Goddesses: Ponocracy in Plato’s Republic”
Christina Tarnopolsky, McGill University