Spring 2013

April 8
“Arendt the Ciceronian: Situating Ourselves in the World”
Lindsay Knight, University of Chicago

April 15
Les Reciproqueteurs: Post-Regulatory Corporatism”
Richard Weiner, Rhode Island College

April 22
“Effective Rule of Law Requires Construction of a Social Norm of Legal Obedience”
Gerald Mackie, University of California, San Diego

April 29
“Justice and Social Order in the Political Realisms of Raymond Geuss and Bernard Williams”
Benjamin McKean, University of Chicago

May 6
“Invisible hands, impartial spectators, and the mechanics of sociability: Adam Smith’s social and moral psychology”
Jason Rosensweig, University of Chicago

May 13
“Periodization and Political Thought in the Writings of Giambattista Vico”
Sarah Johnson, University of Chicago

May 20
“The Paradox of Vigilance: Contesting Citizenship in Post-Apartheid South Africa”
Nicholas Smith, University of Chicago

June 3
“Arendt’s Treatment of the Themes of Private and Public and Subjectivity and Objectivity”
Katerina Apostolides, University of Chicago